Senior Citizen Scam: Watch Out!

If you know a senior citizen, you may have to watch out for them sometimes. Sadly, there are lots of scams directed at older people. Now, one of them definitely preys on the fact that maybe sometimes-older people forget sometimes. One senior Citizen Scam involves the scammers actually calling an older person and pretending to be their grandchild that needs money.

Scammers have no morals. Scammers have no regard for the human condition. There are predators in the animal kingdom that prey on the weak and feeble and there are human predators as well that use their trickery to swindle people out of the hard earned cash. They would call an elderly person and once they answer would say “Hello Grandma/Grandpa, its me!” The old person would reply with their name. That is the “in” for the scammers. They would then tell the elderly person that they are in a bind and need some money. Then they would ask them to mail a money order or even cash to a PO Box or address. This scam runs rampant and the scammers can do a ton of these calls within a day. They would pretty much get away scott free before anyone finds out. It would be too late.

The best thing you can do about this is raise awareness. If you know or are relatives of the elderly, you should let them know that this scam is out there. Inform them of these predators and let them know the score. You could also set up a system of codes just in case their REAL grandkids are in a bind and need some money. As always, stay safe and scam free!

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