The Confidence Trick: Don’t Talk To Strangers

Scams have been around since man figured out how to cheat his fellow man. Now, that’s is a very long time. Scams have also evolved over the ages but the simplest scam of all is the confidence trick. This trick actually got its name in the last 1800’s because swindlers would gain strangers’ confidence and make off with their possessions. This is an extremely simple con or scam and can still take place today because the scammer relies on the human spirit’s inherent decency.

The way the scam typically works is that the scam artist would approach someone of means or at least someone middle to upper class. They would then tell them that they know them through a friend or were an old acquaintance. Not to be rude, people would generally accept this as fact, however it is a grave fallacy! The scammer would then ask you to lend him money, or let you borrow something off of your person, promising to return the item to you the next time they see you. They may even take your information down and do everything they can to convince you that they will return. This scam has many levels as well because depending on how good the con artist is, they could convince you that you are related, end up sleeping in your home, and stealing a good chunk of your money or possessions before you were any the wiser.

The best way to avoid this scam is to cut the person off all together and know that it’s ok to say no. These people may seem like they are in a bind and will prey on the human heart and memory to leave you penniless and alone. You do not want that at all so you should just simply walk away. Keep your eyes and ears open folks!

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