Fake Home Owner Document Scam: Show Them Where You Live

Sometimes scammers go for a big pay off very fast and plan a con that could make them lots of money in a fast way. The Fake Home Owner Document Scam primarily targets non-English speaking families who are looking to buy a home for cheap in maybe a not so nice neighborhood. Now these scammers will prey on their victims trusting nature and when the victim sees how easy it is to own a home, they will surely shell out money on the spot. The scammers let them know that they should pay cash as much as possible because they are getting a better deal.

When a victim hands over a suitcase full of cash to buy a home, the scammers know that they have won. The victim would be completely happy with his or her new home and start doing renovations. However, since this is an abandoned home, they just paid a ton of money for something that wasn’t up for sale. Now, since these house do not belong to anyone it is a huge slap in the face when the property owners or even the government come and check up on the house. The family would have to deal with this as best as they can and since it was a scam they would have no real way of getting their money or time back. Scammers like these were actually caught once not too long ago, but don’t let this happen to you.

You can avoid this situation by verifying the address of the house you may be looking at. Plus, if you know of any foreign families who are looking for a home, you may want to help them out. The Fake Home Owner Document Scam can be easily avoided if you pick up on the signs and do your research. Always remember to go through the proper channels.

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