Fraudulent Sweepstakes Prize Scam: Not Everyone Is A Winner!

Sometimes we enter contests to win some cool prizes or even some money. Now, if any money is won anywhere, you have to declare the prize amount and pay the taxes on it even if it is a vacation package. You would have to pay taxes regardless once your winning come in. Now, the way the Fraudulent Sweepstakes Winning Scam works is that you will get a notification via mail that you have won a lump sum of money from a legitimate sounding organization. If you correspond with them, they would tell you that you won X amount of money and that they are sending you a check for the taxes, which they are spotting you for.

The way the scam works is that if you take their check and cash it at your bank and then immediately write them a check for the money under your name the scammers would get your money as their fraudulent check bounces, which would leave you spending more hard earned bucks that you originally thought! The bank would charge you a fee and you would send what you thought was the tax amount back to the scammers.

You can avoid this fee by either doing nothing an not responding or just thinking about what have done in the past to warrant a sweepstakes win. This scam is pretty easy to avoid but be careful because everyone wants to win something sometime.

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