Fake Jewelry Site Scam: That Bling May Sting!

We always try to get the best deals possible when shopping online. There are also certain high end items that we enjoy getting a bargain for and one of those is on jewelry. Now, jewelry can be very expensive and you may get lured in by a nice looking website that has great prices, but beware! This could lead you into the Fake Jewelry Site Scam!

Let’s say you are looking for that name brand item and decide to take your search to the Internet. You would be inundated with plenty of websites that guarantee a high-end luxury piece of jewelry for a low price. Of course what these scammers do is use an algorithm to scrap a real paysite’s look and checkout procedure. What this does is make everything look legit but it’s not. You would be putting items into your online shopping cart and giving these scammers your credit card information. Once they have that they will charge you the amount for your made purchase and KEEP your information to make future purchases on their behalf. By the time you realize that you aren’t getting any items in the mail, it would be too late and these scammers would move on to the next scam. There would be no real way to get in touch with these people because they would also have falsified customer support contact information on their website.

If you really want to get name brand jewelry cheap you can do some digging on your own through a site like eBay or in person. Plus, if you decide to try and buy something online from a new website you should do some research and see if the site has any good reviews. Plus, you can also check if it is a verified website or business. Just remember, the power is in your hands!

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