Hot New Item Scam: Would Be A Cold Day For You

We live in an age of technological marvels. These marvels appear every so often and are better than the last version and through the use of neuro-marketing, we feel like we cannot live without them. For example, the new iPad was just released and already there are scams on the Internet that guarantee you a free one if you follow a few “easy steps.” Most people who are not in the know would jump at this opportunity but it is our job to put you in the know!

Let’s say you are surfing online and doing some Internet window-shopping. It’s not a crime, we ALL do it! Once you go down that rabbit hole of the Internet from site to site with no end, you may stumble across an offer for that hot new item you want that would cost you nothing but a few moments of your time. Generally, that is the hook. Once you agree to sacrificing your time and setting up some sort of account with the website you just found, it’s over. You would be sitting at your computer giving strangers your personal information as well as your personal Internet history. You do not know what they could be doing with the info you have given them at all. The worse part is the fact that you get nothing for the time you have put in. Avoid this kind of trap all together.

At this point if you have been around the Internet then you should know about this trap. If you are new to the Internet then you should definitely take heed of our warning and not fall for this scam because it could seriously mess up your day!

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