Social Media Phishing Scam: One Click Away From Hazard!

We all have some kind of social media website that we log into and check on a regular basis. Many of these sites have “walls” where you could post updates on your condition or links for your followers to see. Now, you could be very susceptible to social phishing. You just have to watch out for the warning signs.

You may be clicking around your favorite social media site when you see a post from your fried that contains some level of urgency. This post could be a picture that needs your reaction, something too good to be true that warrants further investigation, or a hot deal on something. Since you think it comes from one of your friends you automatically assume the link is safe to click on. However, you do not know your friends browsing habits and what you could be clicking on could be pure spam that is designed to infiltrate your computer and nab your personal information! These scams will always be around as long as there are social networks where you can click on supposedly trusted links.

Avoid these links by simply not clicking blindly when you are on your computer. You may think that you are clicking on a picture of the world’s funniest ham but in actually you are clicking on something that will affect your computer with a virus designed to nab your user names, passwords, and even credit card information. Stay safe and be aware!

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