Scareware: Beware!

Scareware is something that has become very popular on the Internet in recent years. Although it may have reached its height a few years ago, it is still out there and threatening PC users around the globe. Scareware is classified as any pop-ups that warn you that your computer system may be infected and that you need to download a very specific anti-virus agent to combat it. Scareware’s intention is to send you into a panic of create anxiousness within you so that you can get rid of the “virus” as fast as possible.

It could happen to anyone when they are surfing the net! All you have to do is visit any website and it doesn’t even have to be a non-secure site. There would be a pop up that seems like it actually comes from your PC with a warning that asks you to update your virus software or an alert of a threat to your system that is taking place right then and there. When you click these alerts they will do a faux scan of your computer and alert you that you need to install specific software that you have to pay for in order to continue using your computer. The panic these alerts sends you into would loosen your wallet and personal information because you think something is seriously wrong with your computer. That is not the real case! There could be nothing wrong with your computer at all!

If you come across these alerts and are sent into full panic mode – all you need to do is use whatever search engine you like and search for the pop up that you got. More than likely you will get results letting you know that what you are seeing is Scareware and you could also find instructions on how to get rid of those nasty pop ups once and for all! As always do your research and do not panic. The scams are out there but you can evade them!

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