Phony Arrest Scam: Call The Cops!

If you get an urgent phone call that claims to be a police officer on behalf of your arrested child asking you for your credit card information then you may be on the receiving end of the Phony Arrest Scam. This scam is perpetrated by scammers who call unsuspecting people with an urgent lie; a lie that would cost you more than you bargained for.

For example let’s say you get a phone call at any time during the evening that alerts you that your son or daughter has been arrested but misdialed their phone number for the free phone call. Now, the person on the other line would claim that they are a member of law enforcement to ease your worries. They said that since your child could not bring any money into a cell that they would need your credit card information to pay for the call that is being made at that time. Most people would look around their house and see that their kids aren’t home then think the worse. That is why this scam works a lot of time. Plus, scammers rely on the fact that if a parent would call their kids’ phone; their kid would not pick up because they do not want to deal with the parentals. This scam has wreaked havoc across the land. It’s a two part scam also because a scammer could ask a young adult to fill out a survey which would leave them information about their parents. This would lead to a scammer picking a moment, which would be a Friday or Saturday night. Then the plan goes flawlessly.

Avoid this scam. It would behoove parents to educate their children that are coming of age and it would behoove kids that are coming of age to be aware of how not to just give information away to a potential hazard. As always, keep it safe and scam free!

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