Bogus Debt Scam

There could come a time where you get a letter in the mail from what seems like a credit card company or government office that alerts you to the fact that you owe a certain amount of money. This could also come in the form of an email. Now, these letters, be they real or electronic only serve the purpose of shocking an unsuspecting person into sending money that they do not really owe.

Scammers will always look for a way to deceive you out of your hard earned cash especially if they have any simple bit of information like your address of phone number. These letters or emails that are sent out look extremely legitimate and that is why many people fall for them. You would be surprised at how many people would blindly send a check or pay an automated service over the phone. This how these scammers make money and by the time you realize that some of your hard earned cash is gone they have already made out with some extremely personal information! People always think the worse and if they panic with a letter that says a collection agency will take action, there is legal action, or personal property would be repossessed then they’d act.

First of all do not get taken by this scam. Know your financial situation and keep a good record of all bills paid, debts owed, and even your yearly taxes. If you get these letters you must verify them completely so you do not make a big mistake.

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