Dating Scammer: Do Not Be A Fool For Love.

Sometimes when we search the Internet you may get an email that appears to be from the opposite sex. This email would contain a story about how they saw you on a dating site or social media network and really just wanted to talk to you. Often, this email would contain a picture and written to seem legit but do not fall for the Dating Scammer! These scams operate on the method of if you throw things on the board then one of them may stick. That means if this email reaches a gullible or possible very lonely person then they would be hooked.

This type of scam will tug on your heart strings because on occasion this dating scam would seem like this is a person trying to get out of a very desperate situation and you would be their way out! Part of you may think that this email is real but you need to realize that this type of letter happens every day to millions of people. It really comes down to having a better spam filter for your email inbox as well and not randomly filling your information out on untrusted websites. Your information would be collected and found by these scammers who are trying to get more money out of you each time you correspond with them.

You can avoid this scam by simply deleting these emails or marking them as spam so that you don’t even have to see them in your inbox in the future. Also, try not to respond to these emails because they could be infected with viruses that could damage your computer system. As always; stay safe and scam free!

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