Directory Fraud: Directly Out Of Your Pocket!

When you work in an office you get lots of solicitors trying to get in touch with someone in charge that wants to get your company’s money. On occasion you will get a call from someone that claims to be from an online directory service asking you to update their records of your company. Now, if you take the call lightly then you would be in for a surprise. These scammers would send you a bill for a few hundred dollars if you were not careful and could even claim that you agreed to a service but never paid. This would lead to more of a headache when they come collecting.

If you own a small business then the odds are that you have already received these phone calls. You must instruct your employees to never handle them lightly and either just hang up on them or take the full name of their business as well as their location so you could track them down and verify their existence. This scam affects hundreds of small businesses across the country. It is easy to get fooled by these tele-solicitors.

If you want to avoid this scam just take the proper precautions and alert the callers to take your business name off their call list. If they persist in calling then take their name and address so you could tell them that you will be looking into legal action. A scammer never wants to hear those words!

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