Tourist Email Hack Scam: I Didn’t Know You Were In England

Many of us keep in touch with our friends via email. Many people also like to take a lot of trips. This would be a combination for a scam if you got an email from your friends’ email address claiming that they were stuck in a country with no money and need you to wire their hotel some money. Now, of course you want to help your friend especially if they actually just happen to be traveling at the same time you get that email. The law of averages works surprisingly well in favor of the scammers on this one.

Basically, the way the scam works is that they trick you into thinking you will save your friend when in reality you are just wiring money to scammers that are looking for a payday. They are preying on the concern you have for your friend who may or may not actually be on vacation. Scammers rake in lots of money this way when they hack into your email address. Many times hotel employees in different countries will sell your information to these scammers so that they have better access to your personal information. Many times this scam works because who doesn’t want to help out a friend?

You can avoid this scam by seriously just double-checking directly with your friend or with someone who knows where they are. The immediate panic an email of this nature would cause you to act immediately for the other party’s best interest but it could cost you deeply. Do your research and avoid this scam all together. As always stay aware and scam free!

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