Internet Auction Scam: What You See Is What You DON’T Get!

Everyone loves a good bargain. If they didn’t then the there would be a lack of deal sites and auction sites on the Internet that allow you to get the items you want at the price you want to pay. Now, there are some great sites out there that you can use to get items you want like eBay or any number of government sites that auction off surplus or seized goods. Now, on the other hand there are scam sites that alert you to hot items you may want that would just end up taking your money and leaving you with a hole in your pocket or a sub par item.

Basically, if you are looking to get a deal and search for the item you want, you could be led to a scam website that takes your payment information and misleads you with what a great deal you could get. You would put in your payment information and start bidding but you would get sucked into bidding wars or would end up paying pretty much retail price for many items. The other thing that happens very frequently with these scam auction sites is that they would advertise a product with a new picture but the item you would receive would be a broken down version of what you thought you bid on. These sites also have hidden text and literature that absolve them of any blame.

Your best bet with sites like these is to stick to the good ones and to what you know. Sites like eBay are used by millions for a reason and if you are trying to get a deal on an item there is no easy solution. As always stay safe and scam free!

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