Is That Hotel Internet Really Secure?

Some of us love to travel, some of us don’t. Some of have to travel for work. When you travel for work or even on a long vacation, you are probably bringing a laptop with you so you can get some work done from the comfort of your hotel room. What you don’t know is that you could be getting hijacked by scammers as soon as you latch onto your hotel’s WiFi connection. Even though you may have security on your computer, you could be susceptible to threats that you never knew existed.

This is a scam that could potentially harm not only your computer but your identity as well. When you reach a hotel the first thing you thing of is getting comfortable and for many of us that means plugging back into the world and being able to have the Internet to do what have you. Whether that means checking your email, streaming a movie, or checking in with your job, you definitely need that plug in time. Now, we do not suspect hotel wifi as being corrupted but you never know what you can expect and it has definitely led to lots of people who do not protect their computers to experience loads of spam as well as malfunctions on their computers.

Your best bet to avoid all of this is to ensure that your computer is up to date with virus protection and spam blocking. Even if you have a MAC, you should always be on the lookout for any potentially harmful connections made to your computer. You could also call ahead to any place that you are staying and see if their connections are tested and free of anything that may be harmful. As always stay alert and scam free!

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