Credit Repair Scam: Not A Good Fix

Unfortunately, sometimes you end up not having the best credit. There are many things that can happen that could lead to that point. Now, we won’t go into those things but if you are in dire straights you may be getting desperate to try something that would get you out of your situation. You could fall victim to a phone call, ad on TV, or even a website that says they can fix your credit for a low cost that would put you in good standing.

When you are surfing the net and know you have bad credit you may stumble on websites that tell you that you will get your credit fixed through them. These “miracle” workers also operate on TV as well as through the mail. They offer quick credit fixes that do nothing but rake your pockets of whatever money you have left. These scammers could even call you up with a recording that informs you to call a separate number. Basically what happens is that they will charge you a fee to help you “fix” your credit. What they do is just take your money. When you try and get it back you are rerouted so many times that you would lose patience and give up. They generally also have no refund policies across the board. This is a complete waste of your time!

Do not get fooled by this scam because it is extremely popular in this day and age. If you have bad credit then you really need to rely on yourself to get out of that credit hole. The only way to do that is hunker down and rebuild slowly. It may take a while but it will be worth it. Stay safe and scam free!

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