Bride Scam: We Object!

You always hear stories about men getting taken for suckers by mail order brides. Well, that my friends is true. As astonishing as that can be, it has happened and will probably continue to happen. If you are a bit lonely and have some extra money in your pocket then this scam is for you. Read on.

Sometimes you are searching for that special someone to spend some time with and sometimes you can find that person online. There is nothing wrong with online dating. It could be a fun adventure if you play your cards right and stay away from the nuts out there. However, sometimes your information gets skimmed and you could be approached by a mail order bride or sign up with a disreputable website that does nothing but take your money. The scam is simple. You would get approached by a woman who coerces you to take care of her. You send her money, gifts, and even make travel arrangements. When you meet it is more of the same. She will coerce you into buying her expensive gifts or straight up giving her money. However, when it comes to consummate the relationship it will never happen. These fake brides string you along because whatever you give them they can in turn resell and turn into cash. Plus, you would not be the only one they are scamming. Once they are back from the vacation you paid for, they would be onto the next one that some one else paid for. However, it’s the victims that pay in the end.

Remember, you cannot buy true love. It may be fun to have a couple of dates but remember that when approached with a scam like this the only thing any scammer is really interested in is your wallet. Stay safe and scam free!

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