Secret Shopper Secret Detective Scam!

The holidays will be upon us sooner than you know it and that means that the scammers are warming up their hands for your money. The holidays are when this particular scam gets extremely popular and that is the Secret/Detective Shopper Scam. Now, this scam could leave you paying for more than you bargained for.

Let’s say you are online and are shopping around. Chances are that you will get an alert, email, or find a job posting that says you can make money seasonally if you became a secret shopper. Now, these positions exist BUT they are generally given to someone within the company being shopped at, either from corporate or an experienced hiring pool. Now, these job ads or postings are also mostly scams because they as you to send an organization money in order to get your Detective Shopper Kit, which is a total sham in and of itself. What a secret shopper really does is buy items and observes how a store does as far as customer service goes and access to products. These jobs exist but not as a full time thing. The scams want your money up front and leave you footing the bill for any merchandise you may buy.

Avoid these scams at all costs. These fly by night companies will not reimburse you because they want your initial fee and bank on other people doing the same. If you want to make extra money seasonally your best bet would be to work in a department store because they are usually looking for seasonal employees. As always; stay safe and scam free!

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