The Bar Scam: Check Please!

As a responsible adult you may want to go out and have yourself an adult beverage on occasion. Sometimes, you may also be looking for more than drinks and want to try your luck with the opposite sex. Now, this scam goes for a man or a woman and it could cost you more than your tab. Bars sometimes are a haven for those who would try and scam you for your money.

The way a typical bar scam would work is that you would get close up with someone in the room and you would think they have a certain interest in you. This could not be farther from the truth. The more the drinks are flowing the looser you could be and the more open to suggestion. This is when the scammer hits you with something on a personal level. They could flat out ask you for money to get home, to pay for their tab, or to lend them a certain amount of money. Under no circumstances should you do either. In the worse case scenario when things are about to get hot and heavy in your head they could take you outback or somewhere discreet where you would think the action will happen, but sadly it does not. You could be the victim of a set up where the person you were talking to was operating as part of a team of scammers, which could lead to you getting mugged or worse.

Always be aware no matter how much you have had to drink and if you want to go out on the town make sure you have your wits about you or that you go out with a group of friends that know where you are at all times. As always – stay safe and scam free!

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