Rent To Buy Scam: Don’t Lose That Title!

Sometimes you need the extra cash when you own a home. The rent to buy scam is not the way to go at all and you should be on the lookout for these scammers that may cost you the very home you live in or own! This ploy is used by scammers to take your title while you rent your own home so you can increase your credit and buy the house at a later date cheaply. It never works out in your favor because once the deed leaves your hand then you can kiss your house goodbye.

This scam captures many unsuspecting people on a yearly basis. Sometimes, the victims are those that are just trying to watch out for their family and get a bit desperate. On paper this seems like a great idea but there is a huge trust issue that goes along with it. These scammers pretty much rob you blind right before your very eyes and leave you in a mental/financial hole. These scams have been running rampant for a few years and have left a lot of people in the hole.

To avoid this scam do not ever give your title to anyone, no matter how enticing the deal may be. On paper the plan is great but you must remember once you lose hold of your title or deed you can kiss your property good bye. Stay safe and scam free!

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