Black Friday Scam: Don’t Get Your Turkey Basted!

It’s that time of year again. A time to fill up on Turkey and all sorts of delicious goodies. A lot of people like to score deals the Friday after Thanksgiving because it has become known as Black Friday, where you can get great deals on all your holiday gifts. Every year people line up in front of stores for hours to get the hottest deals on the hottest products but if you like to do your shopping online you can find tremendous Black Friday deals right on your computer at home.

This is when the scammers strike! There are plenty of fake websites set up that advertise “hidden” Black Friday deals that you cannot get anywhere else. Once you make your order and input your payment information then you can kiss that money goodbye and since the holiday rush would be upon you, you would not realize it until it is far too late. These scammers would get their payday from you giving them your hard earned money. Even if no money is taken and you input your email address for newsletter or wait list then you will be spammed relentlessly or even have your identity stolen.

You can avoid all of this potential headache if you just stuck to your guns and got your holiday items from trusted websites like Amazon or Newegg or actually just got out and did shopping. The lines are long and the atmosphere may be volatile but at least you’d get what you wanted and be spam free!

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