Dangerous Holiday Downloads: Slaying Your Computer

If you’re on the computer this holiday season looking for the best deals or just enjoying the merriment then you may get holiday emails or pop ups that offer you a unique holiday theme for your computer or holiday message or even a sweet holiday screen saver. In a lot of cases these seemingly harmless clicks will let viruses into your computer and that holiday joy may turn a tad sour like egg nog that has been left out too long.

Lots of us want to spread that sweet holiday cheer that you only find once a year but sometimes that cheer can turn to jeers. Imagine sitting at home on your computer and then wanting to send someone a card for the holidays. Now, like most websites than not in this day and age you have to enter some kind of information to send someone anything. These scam holiday card sites would take your information and spam that heck out of your computer. Some may even upload deadly computer viruses into your mainframe that would destroy your computer from the inside out and cost you tons of your own personal information.

In these cases it’s best to steer clear and just get a card from Hallmark like anyone else. The only virus you would catch there would be cheer and maybe a cold! Stay safe and scam free and Happy New Year!

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