Scams Of The Future…Today!

The more technology grows, the more scams there will be in the future and even in the present. This past year has given us lots of great technology but scammers see that as another means to meet their devious ends. 2013 just means another year of upgrades and another year of having to train yourself to watch out for new scams. Did you know that the Nigerian money scam has been around for centuries and actually started out through snail mail? True story.

So, let’s say your home and you just cracked open that new computer that you got to ring in the new year or that sweet handheld device or tablet. Now, the moment you start visiting web pages or downloading apps is the minute you are susceptible to up to the minute scams and fraudulent online transactions that would no doubt cause you tons of headache and tons of unhappiness. These scams could range from something as simple as an app you see on an ad that would take your personal information and spam you relentlessly or sometimes you may think your new computer is virtually incorruptible. We suggest for any new device you get that you look at what can make it safer. If you are dealing with PCs then get up to the minute virus software. If you are a Mac person then make sure your system is always updated.

As the years move on you have to keep your eyes open for new scams and new takes on old ones. They can come out of nowhere and it would be in your best bet to think of how when something new pops out what a scammer will do to bend it to his will and ultimately prey on unsuspicious consumers. Stay safe and scam free in 2013 and beyond!

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