Being Catfished: It’s A Thing Now

There has been a lot of talk about being Catfished. The term originated from a documentary made called “Catfish” about a guy who falls in love through an online relationship and upon meeting the person sees that they are not who they pretended to be. In essence one party creates a fake online persona and the other falls for it.  This kind of thing has been around since the dawn of time but because of the Internet people fall for it more often than not.

Case in point the news has been glued to the story of Manti T’eo a football player who was in love with a girl who then died. This relationship went on for years but the reveal was that it was really just a male fan that was in love with the young athlete. Athletes aside; this could happen to anyone. If you are looking for love online then you should be extremely careful and before getting too involved – you should verify the persons existence. This would ensure that you aren’t being lied to and that you could maybe freely give your feelings to another.

Online dating is made the rounds into pop culture. Where once it was looked at as taboo, it has now been pretty much accepted in a society that is too busy to log off of Facebook for five minutes. Just be careful out there because the scammers will no doubt try and take advantage of you and hurt your pocket as well as your heart.

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