Dialing For Diabetics Scams

If you know some people that stay home all day or are elderly and retired then you should tell them to watch out for this scam. The Dialing for Diabetics scam comes off as a real phone call to help give older people discounted medical equipment or to aid them with their medicine. ­

This scam is trouble because the person on the phone poses as a very trustworthy person from the medical profession who is just there to “help” you. What they are really doing is helping themselves to your private information. They would ask you to “confirm”your information but through vocal slight of hand you would readily divulge your personal information thinking that the person on the other end is reading it from a screen right in front of them instead of taking it down as you say it, which is what they would be doing with this scam in particular. You could lose your identity with this scam and who knows what these scammers would do with your information!

Your best bet is to completely avoid these kinds of phone calls and let them know that you will take down THEIR information and consult the authorities. These scammers are not to be trusted so you must spread the word to anyone you know who would be susceptible to them.

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