The White Van Speaker Scam

The white van speaker scam is quite simple in its execution and has been around for a a few years now. Basically, a salesman is hired to peddle poorly-made, faux-name brand speakers from a van or truck. The speaker equipment is not only cheap and shoddy, but typically unable to be sold through traditional channels i.e. Amazon or eBay. To work around this, the scammer creates a fictitious back-story and uses it to sell his product. You’ll hear things like  they requested too many units and haven’t been able to sell them all or that they’re on their way back to the warehouse but if they show up with any inventory left, they’d be in trouble. They’ll even go so far as to show you brochures, web sites, business cards, and more, all of which will seem like you’ve hit the lottery or something and that you’ll be getting an incredibly expensive speaker system at a once-in-a-lifetime discount. The salesman will use all types of strategies to try to move his product. They will be act aggressive, understanding, and charming. Don’t fall for it!

So just how had are the bad are the quality of the products they try to peddle? Let’s put it like this: calling a piece of junk doesn’t even begin to describe the awfulness. Companies like Sonic Audio, McLaren Technologies, and Bang Audio are just some of the distributors. Have you ever heard of these companies? Of course you haven’t. These obscure companies thrive solely on these types of scams and will obtain distribution right or even rent out space in order to seem legit. Their names are even designed to give you the false impression that you may have heard of them.

Being an audiophile isn’t even necessary to hear the difference in quality of these products. They possess no sort of complex engineering nor have they been tested or researched for optimal quality. Instead they’re just junky pieces of plastic with the cheapest parts you can imagine. Do yourself a favor and if you come across a scenario where someone is trying to peddle audio equipment you’ve never heard of at insanely cheap prices, get the heck out of there!

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