Oil and Gas Scams: Don’t Let Fossil Fuels Be Your Downfall!

Due to the massive fluctuations in the price of oil and gas in recent years, there have been a rash number of scams to try and get people to invest in fake oil and gas companies. There have also be fraudulent offerings of investments tied to natural gas, wind and solar energy, as well as new energy-efficient technologies. Often times these scam artists may approach investors via e-mails and phone calls providing them with false reports of an “up-and-coming” opportunity to become involved in an oil and gas limited partnership. They will try to make things sound more legitimate but telling them that large oil and gas companies have also already invested in this venture. They may even provide legitimate-looking website and glossy brochures and research. Promotional materials may also be used and may include falsified reports about actual drill locations and production estimates.

It is imperative that you fully investigate any business venture and ask plenty of questions before investing any of your money. You should be wary of terms like “expert geologist reports”, and claims of “tremendous discoveries in the ground near wells/drill sites.” These oil and gas company “drilling locations” often times do not even exist. Once you hand over your money to one of these scam artists you will never see of hear from them ever again. Remember, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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