Online Casino Scams

Every month, Americans spend a small fortune playing online games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and other casino games. While there are no federal laws against them, (although they are illegal in some states) many banks and credit card companies are effectively preventing the transfer of money directly to online gaming sites. In addition to that, many states even forbid the operation of gaming sites based within their jurisdiction.

Because of this, many people end up channeling their money through third-party companies and play on casino sites that are based outside of the country, which is incredibly risky. It’s true that some of these operations are perfectly legit and reliable. But there are others are nothing but a front for stealing money or confidential information. They might use all types of methods to draw you in, including free bonus plays or good winning odds (which are usually fabricated).

In order to avoid these types of scam sites, we recommend you do a thorough internet search of any gambling site you’re thinking of using.  However, beware because some phony sites actually have other sites carrying bogus recommendations for them or even dressed up as anti-scam web pages. Even if an online site checks out to be legitimate, always read the fine print and the terms and conditions carefully. Many of these sites will conceal limits on winnings so it’s important to know exactly the type of online casino website you’re dealing with.

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