The Fake Front Desk Scam

It’s 3 am, you’re sleeping in a hotel, and the phone rings in your room. You’re disoriented and groggy so you might not question the caller when he says he’s calling from the front desk. He or she will claim that there has been some kind of computer glitch, and that you’ll need to verify the credit card that they have on file.

What you don’t know, is that the person calling really isn’t from the front desk. They’re a scam artist phishing for your credit card information so that they can run up all types of crazy charges before you even wake up in the morning.

Always remember that a hotel will almost never ask for your credit card information in the middle of your stay unless there is an issue with the card that you have provided them with. They will also never call you at some ungodly hour either. If you ever do receive a call like that, it is always important to question the person that is asking for your personal information. Even then, we suggest not giving your credit card information over the phone. Simply go to the front desk and handle the situation face to face. Doing this can definitely help avoid getting scammed in the future.

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