Video Game Tester Scam

You’re perusing through online job postings when you come across an ad from a company looking for new game testers. The title reads “Video game tester”, which is something that will definitely catch your attention.Not only would you get to do what you love, but you’d get paid to do it too! The ad promises between $70-$150 an hour. Not only would you test, but you’d also get to try out games before they are even released! Talk about the perfect dream job! All you need to do is fork over a one-time fee and you’ll be getting paid to game! You send them payment and you never hear from them again. Congratulations, you’ve just been duped.

Thankfully, now you know to be wary of these types of offers. While it is true that there are gaming companies out there that have the budget for game testers, the payment is usually minimal, and these companies will never ask for money upfront. It also helps to do a bit of research on the company so you know if it’s the real deal, or simply too good to be true. Research, caution, and asking questions are the three things that will prevent you from getting scammed.

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