Street Scams: The “Hey You Broke My Glasses!” Edition

If you’ve ever lived in NYC there is a strong chance that you’ve come across this old time scam. It used to be quite prevalent, and today you can still find con artists using it on unsuspecting victims. The scam itself is simple. A random stranger will bump into you. Often times they might be big and intimidating. The person will then point out and claim that you had inadvertently broken their glasses. He will claim he is a hardworking man and struggling to put food on the table and the last thing he can afford is to pay for a new pair of glasses. He might then ask you to pay for at least half of the expected repair (say it’s $50). Many people fall right into this trap and thing they are at fault for bumping into the person but in truth, it was nothing but an elaborate scam. So the next time someone bumps into you and claims that you broke their item, whether it be glasses, a watch, or an electronic device, don’t fall for it and seek out a policeman immediately.

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