Employment Scams: Don’t Be Out of a Job AND In Debt!

So the scam goes like this. You post your resume on a website with at least some of your personal data  being accessible by potential employers, on a legitimate employment site. You receive an email with a job offer to become a “financial representative” for an overseas company. Chances are you’ve never heard of them before. They claim they want to hire you, but the company has problems accepting money from US customers and they need you to handle those payments. That additional mention that you will be paid 5 to 15 percent commission per transaction. Once you apply, you will essentially be providing the scammer with your personal data, such as bank account information in order to get paid. However, instead of getting paid, you might end up being a victim of identity theft, stolen money from your account, or you may receive fake checks which you must deposit in your account then mail 90% of it to your employer. Since the check was fake, you’ll basically have to end up paying your bank in the end. Moral of the story: don’t fall victim to this scam and always be wary of job offers from shady companies!

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