FIFA World Cup Scam: Love The Game and Don’t Get Scammed In The Process

Following the announcements of the countries that will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and 2022, FIFA has recently been alerted on the growing number of fraudulent email scams that are claiming to be affiliated with the organization. Typically, these scams work such that recipients are notified and told that they have been selected as a lottery prize winner and that they have won a nice chunk of change or are invited to submit a tender. They are then persuaded to give personal information on a website or required to pay upfront in order for them to enter the tender process.

FIFA themselves have advised the public to be suspicious and cautious around any emails that concern lottery drawings, tenders, or competitions; and recommend that they not provide any personal information or financial details as well. We tend to agree. In addition to that, we’d add that any fraudulent scam that a person may encounter should be forwarded to authorities immediately. Remember: don’t let your love of the game be grounds for getting scammed!

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