“Missed a Call” Scam: Don’t Call Them Back!

If  you’ve ever picked up you phone and have seen that you’ve missed a call from a number that you don’t recognize, you should think again before calling them back. One new scam that’s popped up recently is the one-ring phone scam. The perpetrators of this scam use auto-dialing programs in order to make thousands of phone calls all around the country.They typically will let the phone ring once before hanging up — just long enough for you to see the missed call message.

People who end up calling these numbers back are typically connected to paid adult entertainment service lines that are located overseas. The victim is then charged a $19.95 international call fee upfront, plus additional costs per minute if they stay on the line for the unwanted service.

These calls typically come from outside the US and include numbers with the following area codes: 268, 809, 876, 284 and 473.

So the next time you see a missed call from an unknown number, think twice before calling them back or you just might become a victim of this terrible and unfortunate scam.

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