Valentines Day Scam: Infected E-Cards

You probably didn’t know this but online greeting cards are an incredibly easy way for scammers to infect your computer with malware and viruses that end up giving them remote access to your computer. What does this mean? Well it’s simple: they’ll be able to access your online banking accounts, passwords, and even turn your computer into a spam-sending “botnet.”

So the question is: how does one avoid this type of scam? The answer is simple: avoid clicking on embedded links from incoming e-cards; especially when they’re sent from someone you don’t know. Steer clear of unrecognized senders, in particular ones from These are fake. And even if you do recognize the sender, be sure to open the e-card from the company’s website, rather than straight from the email. Follow these tips and you’ll be safe. Whether or not you’ll be crying while eating a pint of Hagen-Daz because you don’t have a valentine, is a different story entirely.

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