Flappy Birds Software Scam: Don’t Be Fooled

Despite Flappy Bird being gone from the app store, many people are still wanting to play it. Since most people aren’t willing to pay $99,000 for a phone with the original app on it, they’ve been searching the internet furiously to download it for free.

Unfortunately, that’s where scamming comes into play. It’s recently been reported that fake Flappy Bird apps are on the rise and are not only charging people, but they’re also stealing personal information from oblivious customers. Most of these fake apps come from Vietnam and Russia and work by sending messages to premium numbers and adding hidden charges to the victim’s phone bill.

While this scam is nothing new, many other popular mobile games have been targeted by cybercrimnals who know how to find more victims. We strongly recommend that before you download any Flappy Bird clone or any other game, that you first check the legitimacy of the app and read all of the reviews. Also, and probably the most important thing you can do, is install a security app to help safeguard your smartphone from criminals.

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