Staged Rear-ending Car Insurance Scam: Watch That Rear!

Getting into a car accident may be bad enough, but getting scammed on top of it can make it 100 times worse. Believe it or not, planned accidents where innocent drivers become pawns in auto insurance scams is a very real thing. Here we’ll talk about one such insurance scam that is not uncommon on the road.

The most common insurance scam is the staged rear-ending. How it works is simple:  The scammer will slow down or come to a stop in busy traffic or at an intersection. The will then swoop in front of the victim, causing the driver to crash into them from behind. In almost every jurisdiction, rear-endings are considered the fault of the rear driver even though in reality they are the victim of the scam. The con artist may also additionally claim to have neck or back pain, despite the low speed of the accident. Not only would they be able to file a collision claim, but they could also file a personal injury claim as well.

The way to avoid this scam from happening to you is quite simple. Never follow anyone too closely and always allow for plenty of room for a quick stop. It’s also a smart idea to be aware of the traffic ahead of the car in front of you so you can anticipate the need to slow down or stop. Follow that rule, and you’re good to go!

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