419 Scam – New Sophisticated Technique


Recently, the FBI has been made aware of a growing trend and new sophisticated technique used to obtain funds using a 419 scam . The scam starts off with the usual e-mail requesting assistance in transferring millions of dollars out of Nigeria. Now here is where the operation gets sophisticated. The recipient is then told to open a bank account at a Suffolk England Bank and is given a link to their “official” website. After clicking the link, the victim is actually redirected to a professional-looking scam site which appears to be that of Suffolk England Bank. Within hours of opening the account, a balance of millions of dollars appears to have been deposited into the victim’s account. When the victim attempts to transfer or withdraw funds from the account, a notice appears requiring them to pay fees for the transaction. Once this is done the victim is instructed to wire transfer the fees to Africa. If the victim makes an inquiry concerning the wire transfer, they are given instructions for a Bank of China branch in London and are given some reason justifying why the Suffolk England Bank cannot handle that particular transfer.

Review of the wiring instructions will indicate that the funds are actually being transferred to the Bank of China in Beijing, not the bank that the victim thought the money was going to.