900 Lines/Numbers Scam

You see an ad for a work at home job. The job offers you not only great pay but requires very little experience. The employer tells you that before you can start working they need to verify your home phone line to make sure that it is working. They tell you to call an 800 number and follow the voice prompts.

How the scam works

When you call the 800 number you will hear an automated message that will welcome you and thank you for your interest in the job position. After the intro they instruct you to press #9 so that they can verify the line. The truth is, when you follow these instructions, you are automatically transferred to a 900 pay-per-call line and will end up being charged an enormous rate for the call. Of course, the scammer’s goal is to keep you on the phone as long as possible, so they usually end up asking you question after question regarding your employment background.

Fighting these charges can be a total nightmare so don’t get scammed!

Reality Check

This scam is called “switching” and is completely  illegal. Most phone companies have created systems that can detect 800 to 900 line transfers and will automatically disconnect the call, however, they can’t catch them all. To protect yourself, never follow through with a request to “test your phone line” or any other similar request that requires you to call an automated voice line.