Bogus Graphics/Website Design Jobs

Bogus Graphics/Website Design Jobs

One day you see an ad in a newspaper or on the internet that tells you that you could earn between $750-3,000 a week designing websites from the privacy of your own home. They then instruct you to head over to a given website.

How it Works

Since you have website design experience you decide to sign up. You are told that in order to get paid for your work you can only use special software that is approved by the company. This software sells for $50-500. So you purchase the software and begin designing websites.

Reality Check

After submitting your work it ends up being rejected by the company because the quality of your site isn’t up to their standards. Unfortunately it is impossible to meet their standards since the job is fake to begin with. All they wanted was for you to pay for their overpriced software.

Tip: Never pay for programs you already have that serve the same purpose. A legit employer would not force to buy “special” items.