Five Warnings Signs of an Internet Scam

Most companies that try to scam you have 5 things in common. Before you plan on investing your hard-earned cash on an internet business or on a service, be sure to lookout for the following things. These warning signs are a good indicator that you may be walking into an internet website scam.

1) The website has limited or no contact information – Your average scam artist doesn’t want you to be able to contact or locate them easily. After all, if you could find them easily so could the police.Often times they will only give you an email address, and usually it’s from a free provider like Yahoo or Gmail. Legitimate companies on the other hand will provide you with a phone number, physical address, email, fax, etc.

2) No Verifiable References or Testimonials – “Verifiable” is the keyword here. Anyone can basically make up references or testimonials in order to make a business sound legit, but can you really verify them? Check to see if they provide website addresses or email addresses for the people who supposedly gave the testimonials.

3) Phony Association Information – Many times, scammers with copy and paste a Better Business Bureau or iCop logo on their site in order to make it look real. There is a way to verify if the stamp is real however. Simply click the logo. If you’re taken to the business’ profile page then you know it’s the real deal. If the logo isn’t clickable then it’s a scam.

4) Claims to “Make Thousands With No Work On Your Part” – This is the biggest and most popular lie you’ll see on the internet today. While the idea of making thousands of dollars while they sleep sounds amazing, the truth is it will involve a lot of work on your part. Nothing is free in this world and this is no different.

5) Rushing You To Make A Decision – Sometimes these scam businesses, instead of answering your questions, will pressure you to go ahead and buy into something. They will end up not providing you with the information you need in order to make a qualified decision and this usually means it’s a scam.

Here’s the bottomline: Any company that’s offering you an opportunity will want to talk with you and give you all the information you need or ask for. They will not give a false appearance of credibility and will help you work through the financial aspects of joining the company. You’ll almost always see verifiable references that you can contact as well. Beware of any company not offering these basic things. Remember the list, keep your eyes open, and we promise you you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of time and money in the future.