Doorstep Scam Artists

Although not as popular as internet scams, doorstep scamming is still pretty prevalent in America. Men or women posing as students, government officials, utility workers, etc. might knock at your door one day either soliciting funds or tricking you to obtain personal information they can use for identity theft.

Now although these scammers come in all different varieties we have some great tips you should abide by when dealing with a shady character at your door:

- If you live alone, elderly or otherwise vulnerable, the best advice we can give you is to let the person at the door know that you have been advised not to open the door. Most front door scammers will appear nice, polite, and clean cut but this is obviously all part of their act.

-Consider installing a door peep-hole which will allow you to see the person’s face without actually opening the door. Safety chains are also helpful but we recommend the peep-hole more because it requires you to keep your door closed.

- Always remember, it may seem rude to shut the door on the face of a persistent or suspicious person but it’s better to be rude then to end up being the victim of a doorstep scam.