Government Loans/Grants Scams

Government Loans/Grants

One of the most deceitful scams out there is a Government grants and loan scam.

The main goal of this scam is to get you to pay money upfront for a processing fee which is usually anywhere from $29.99 to $49.99. They are usually very successful because often times people are looking for grants so that they might start a new business or go back to school.

Most of the ads for a government grant/loan will state that you can get a grant or a loan without a credit check. This is when they usually ask you to pay the processing fee upfront before anything else is done. It is strongly advised that you steer clear of these sites and instead contact your local college or university. They will be glad to provide you with the information that you need absolutely free of charge. If you are looking for a grant or loan for a business then visiting a local bank would be your best bet.