What To Do If You’re a Victim of a Scam

There are several things you can do if you realize that you have become a victim of a scam or have received unauthorized credit card charges.

1. File a police report. Report the crime to the authorities immediately. Get a copy of the report and submit it to each of your creditors. Credit card companies, your bank, and insurance companies may ask you to reference the report to verify the crime.

2. Contact the FTC. Go to the FTC’s website and file a complaint.

3. Contact your bank – If you think you’re a victim of identity theft you should call your bank, tell them what happened and ask them to monitor for unusual activity. Also see if it’s better if you should close your account and open a new one – they will advise you. You can also call the FTC’s theft identity hotline at 1 (877) IDTHEFT.

4. Contact your state’s attorney general. Alerting them of a scam or fraudulent activity may end up saving others from becoming victims.