Internet Affiliate Marketing Scams

When it comes to internet affiliate marketing there are both fraudulent and legitimate programs out there. How do you spot a fraudulent affiliate marketing scam? There are many things that can help you spot a fradulent affiliate market program, here are some:

No official website/affiliate support – an affiliate program with no website or affiliate support cannot be taken seriously. Affiliates almost always have questions or issues when first starting out and if you can’t find anyone to help you then chances are the program is not real.

Required registration fee – Legit affiliate marketing programs do not charge you any sort of fee upon joining. If they ask you to pay something beforehand then avoid it.

No actual product/service – What is the company selling? If you cannot easily tell then avoid the affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement your income, you just have to steer clear of the scammers. Follow the above tips and you should be fine.