Matrix/Downline Programs Scams

Matrix/Downline Programs

A matrix or downline program is a program that requires you to recruit other people in order to move up a so-called totem pole. The people recruited then become a part of your “downline.” The more people recruited, the higher you move up in position. Once you reach a certain level you become eligible tor receive a reward. This is usually either a free laptop, iPod, or even money, depending on the program.

Let us just say right off the bat that not all matrix or downline programs are scams. However, programs that involve chain letters or fail to disclose certain things like the odds of you actually winning a free laptop for example, very likely are. We do not recommend that you join any such programs. The work involved in recruiting other people in your “downline” often results in spam which is another reason why we don’t recommend it.

Matrix Scams

This is a somewhat more complex pyramid-type scheme. When a consumer makes a purchase at a matrix site, that investment goes into a “pool” for the matrix. Once a certain number of purchases are made for a specific item, the first person at the top of the pyramid receives a “free gift”.

Matrix sites have become increasingly popular over the years because they offer the opportunity for a consumer to receive expensive good for a fraction of their retail price. The catch is that the participant receives the prize only after paying a fee to enter a “matrix” list.

The matrix, just like so many other pyramid schemes, becomes unable to fulfill its promise of continued new entrants and eventually collapses under it’s own weight. Since there are only a finite number of people that can join, the majority of people that have already joined receive nothing.