Paid Surveys Scams

Paid surveys offers aren’t always necessarily a scam however many of them are. Paid surveys do exist and people do get paid to take surveys, however the pay is very small and the majority of survey takers won’t qualify for prizes or money.

In the past couple of years a new paid survey scam has emerged. It is called a paid survey membership scam.  This scam basically involves a victim to pay a registration fee in order to join a member ship for a paid survey site. These sites advertise that if you join them you can earn thousands of dollars a month by taking simple 10-15 minute surveys from the comfort of your own home. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Wrong! Once you fork up the cash, which is pure profit for the scammers,  all you’re provided with is a list of survey companies – nothing more. Reality settles in once you start signing up to these survey sites. You being to realize that you might not be making the thousands of dollars a week you thought you would. The reason for this is simple. Paid surveys almost always never pay you cash directly. Some do but most don’t. Typically these companies have a points/rewards system. The rewards are usually terrible to begin with or if a prize is good it normally requires an exorbitant amount of points which you’ll never actually get.

All along the scammers running the membership site already knew all of this.  Their sites are filled with fake testimonials, fake paychecks, and fake ’sample surveys’. This is designed to lure victims into paying the fee and getting information they can usually get by doing a simple Google search. This is a well planed scam where everything is done meticulously so don’t be fooled!