Phising Attacks Target Social Networking Site Users

Phishing Attacks Target Social Networking Site Users

Recently, the FBI has been made aware of phishing attacks targeting users of the popular social networking websites.

So far from what they know, the attacks have come in the form of a bulletin titled “Check out these old school pictures…” or something along those lines. When a user clicks on the hyperlink they are taken to a screen that is an exact reproduction of a social networking login screen. The offer to view those “old school pictures”  and its corresponding website are in no way affiliated with the social networking site. These attacks may be a vector to introduce Malware, such as a Trojan virus, or even to steal financial information. And while most social networking users do not typically store financial information on their personal pages, phishers may be gambling that the login information for the social networking site is the same log-in information for other accounts such as financial institutions, Paypal, etc.

People should be very cautious when providing login information on web sites that they did not go to directly. Social networking users should also never use the same login info as they do for their various online accounts.