Photography/Scanning Jobs – Warning

Here’s a scenario: you come across an ad for a position as a work at home photographer or document scanner. They claim that your job duties will consist of taking pictures and then sending the roll of undeveloped film to the employer for payment. If the position is for a document scanner they might tell you that your responsibilities will include scanning images or pictures and then sending them to the employer via email. These positions might sound enticing and further excite you because they claim to offer $5.00 per image or photo. Unfortunately while this sounds like a dream job the bottomline is it’s a scam.

How The Scam Works

There are two different versions of this scam. The first type of scam will require you to buy overpriced

cameras or scanners in order to be “compatible” with the employers system. Once you buy the necessary equipment, all of your photos or scans will be rejected because the employer will claim that they are unacceptable or unusable.

The other type of scam will tell you to pay a start-fee for your materials and training. Once again, it is very unlikely that you will ever receive payment for any of your photographs or scanned images.

The Truth

Many times, the scammers behind these types of operations are individuals who are making a fortune in commissions for the products that they are tricking you into buying. It’s either that or they are just making a profit off of the start-up fees. What ever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that you’ve been hoodwinked and are now unable to ever receive a refund. You should note that any reputable company will never make you buy your own equipment or ask you to pay a registration fee.