Scam Q&A

What is a scam?

A scam is a trick or type of crime that involves  persuasion. The scammer tries to build trust with the victim so that when the time is right he can take advantage of him, usually for monetary gain.

Unlike a robbery, a scam involves manipulation instead of direct physical force. A scammer can rob someone
across the world with just a computer and an internet connection.

Why do people scam?

There are many possible reasons for it. Mostly it’s for monetary gain. Other times scammers get an adrenaline rush from it and it actually becomes someone addicitive. It’s sort of how a skydiver craves the rush from jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet in the air.

Who are the scammers?

No matter what race, religion, age, sex, level of education, etc. a scanner can literally be anyone. Scammers often come across as charming individuals who are either trying to help you or are asking you to help their cause, but we warned: do not let them gain your trust because it will only result in you losing time and of course money.